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D'LIGHT Kinetic lighting


D’Light is a kinetic lighting which has a transformable lampshade using flexible honeycomb structure. By simply rotating the lampshade on its pivot with its small handle, you can easily change its shape in diverse styles. It will provide a different mood in every steps of rotation angle. Intensity and direction of light emitted from the lamp also varies as the shape of the lampshade changes.

How it works
Flexible honeycomb structure
- By making lampshade using flexible honeycomb structure.
D’LIGHT not only create diverse shape, but also provide rich emission of light.

Angle control gear
- D’LIGHT can be changed in 14 different shape, with specially designed angle control gear which provide 14 stoppable points while the lampshade rotates on the axis.

Material: Felt (with PET), ABS / Power: AC 110 – 220 V
Finished product: 255×255×470 mm / Package: 255x255x280 mm 1.5kg

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