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Sticky Putty

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Magnetic Sticky Putty is another great desktoy for work or home.  
Aids in stress relieving and  just like any other putty. 
They can be stretched, bounced, molded, popped, and torn. 
However, when Sticky Putty meets magnetic cube, it brings more fun!

Magnetic Sticky Putty has millions of tiny micron-sized magnets embedded in them. 
Use the included super-strong neodymium iron boron cube magnet to control the putty like a snake. Or "charge" the blob of putty so it can become a magnet of its own and pick up small tacks and paper clips.

Magnetic Sticky Putty comes with a magnet cube. 
Package in metal container 80mmx30mm.

Warning : For 12years old and above. Product contains Magnet , Please seek immediate medical attention if swallowed!

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